The Solidarity Economic for Local Development

We work with the people of Upper Ngqumeya & Ngxondorheni to pilot the idea of an Integrated Community Development Plan (ICDP). The ICDP process will involve villagers in mapping out their local assets & resources, & use these to develop a long- term vision, programme & plan for community-driven development.

This plan will aim to create sustainable jobs & sustainably develop the local economy in ways that create solidarity & self-reliance. Upper Ngqumeya has already formed its ICDP Forum & has run planning workshops.

Our community participation & research to date shows that it is possible to start the following enterprises in 2014:

1. Light manufacturing from recycled paper, tins & glass;

2. Arts, crafts & ceramics;

3. Small scale production of household goods (soap, detergents scented with essential oils from indigenous herbs);

4. Tourism & heritage (lodges, heritage trails, hiking & biking trails, horse trails, water sports & sampling of indigenous cuisine); & Home industries (baking, indigenous cuisine, other African foods, dried meats, & cheese-making).

Our estimates show that these enterprises can create about 200 jobs in total. In some of the villages, there is also quarry & natural stone which can be mined & used as an input into making stone-based products.

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