The Rhodes University team works closely with the Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda fieldworkers during the fieldtrips. Workshops on various research skills and meetings to assess our progress are held regularly. As the recording of interviews and cultural performances forms the core of the research trips, basic knowledge on these skills is essential in rendering the time and money for these research trips well spent and Rhodes University students had a workshop on audio and video recording techniques to promote excellent fieldwork techniques.

It is an aim of the project that the archiving of the recordings at ILAM, an internationally recognised institution housing the largest archive of southern African music in the world, as well as the establishment of the community’s website where viewers may gain knowledge about amaXhosa cultural performances will promote interest and respect for amaXhosa oral traditions across national borders. With one aim of the project being to assist in the implementation of the Heritage Festival it is also hoped that the festival will continue to attract a large audience to the Amathole District, thereby making the festival a fixture on the tourism itinerary. It is especially hoped that with completion of the website a wider audience from across South Africa, southern Africa, and indeed the globe may be attracted to witness and participate in the cultural performances of amaXhosa traditions. Our target audiences in particular are locals of Keiskammahoek who are experiencing a sense of loss of their traditions, researchers in southern African culture and traditions, interested members of the wider public and especially those who have little knowledge or experience of amaXhosa traditions.

Presently, ILAM is able to generate funds through the sales of their holdings. Photographs, videos and very short clips of music are uploaded onto the ILAM website. Visitors can listen to these fragments or view some of the stills, and if they are interested in purchasing the item then the artefact is sold through an internet facility. By creating a satellite archive in Keiskammahoek, it is intended to upload our materials onto the website in similar fashion, and if viewers or visitors to the website are interested in purchasing the item, payment can be organized through the internet. In this way, the community at Keiskammahoek also stands to gain financially by way of the Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda Development Centre.

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